Additionally, you need to contact your doctor and get professional assistance if other serious disorders have started bothering you, especially: Liver impairments, such as excess tiredness, nausea, decreased appetite, jaundice, itching, stomach pain, dark urine and others; Severe skin reactions, including burning in the eyes, sore throat, fever, tongue or face swelling, etc.; Severe chest pain; Dizziness, drowsiness, uneven heartbeat; Headache; Seizures; Abnormal bleeding or bruising; Skin lesions or rash.
Basic Precautions Possible Drug Interactions Tell doctors about any other prescription or over-the-counter drugs you’re taking in addition to herbal supplements.

Kemençe Teli

Bütün Modeller İçin Kemençe Teli Dünyaca Ünlü Röslaj Alman Firmasının Kemençelerimiz İçin Üretilen Kemençe Teli 0.25mm den 0.56 mm kadar The delivery term will depend on the selected pharmacy

Kemence Taşıma Çantası

Tekli Kemençe Taşıma Çantası

Kemençe Reçinesi

Kemence İçin Özel Üretilmiş Kemençe Reçinesi

Kemençe Alt Eşik

1.sınıf Kalitede Özenle Yapılmış Alt Eşik

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